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    Sheila Oliver

    UPDATE – More information
    6/22/18 at 10:52 AM
    The Graham Fire continues to be an active wildfire burning west of and inside the Three Rivers Subdivision. Sheriff Adkins has ordered the continuation of a level 3 evacuation order (GO) for all residents, guests, and property owners in the 3 Rivers Subdivision.

    Fire activity is expected to be high today peaking in the early evening. Air assets have been grounded due to the area being “smoked in”. When safe to fly air assets will be utilized in fire fighting efforts.

    A road closure has been established near the Chinook Village Store east of the fire in the Grandview area east of the entrance to the 3 Rivers Subdivision. All persons are being turned around at this point except for emergency services providers. Please avoid the area. We have asked the Forest Service to establish a road closure on the 1170 road to prevent people from entering the fire zone from the west. These closures will effectively block access to the 3 Rivers subdivision, Perry South Campground and Monte Campgrounds. The two campgrounds remain outside of the fire closure and are open for those already there but all roads to access them are or will be closed.

    People residing or recreating outside of the 3 Rivers subdivision should be aware of the danger, monitor emergency service sources, and local media for information. This order does NOT affect Crooked River Ranch or the Cove Palisades State Park.

    Those persons who will need additional time to exit an area or have health conditions (especially respiratory conditions that could be made worse by smoke) should consider leaving now. You are encouraged to prepare or even move livestock and pets out of the area. Be prepared to leave if conditions worsen.

    This order is authorized by Sheriff Jim Adkins of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

    Submitted by

    Marc Heckathorn – Undersheriff

    Approved Oregon

    Here is a perimeter map of the area.

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