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    Don & Laurie Meng

      We were at our property this last weekend. I had been there just 2 weeks before, the tracks going thru the BLM behind us, going through our property, around our gate, stopping to tie knots in our rope gate. ( so they could possibly go under?) Our main concern with this is the vehicle had gone through tall dry grass. We were amazed that some one would do this, and it is obvious they had been riding around more than just once. The vehicle/RV looked to have come from the Hunters Loop area. PLEASE remind your guests how dangerous this can be. Putting many people and properties in danger.

      3 Rivers Gate

        I would like to add too this message also which we are neighbors next door to The Meng’s. We also are having the same issues of off road vehicles driving threw our property, but most of all we live and maintain a private gravel road that which is about 2000 feet long (Rock house Road) that is off of prospect. The road is posted as a “Private Road” ….”NO Trespassing” but we have caught off road vehicles, other property owners and their guest down our road on a sight seeing adventures. So please any of you property owners reading this… are in charge of your guest, make sure they obey and read signs before entry. If caught names, and plate numbers will get reported.

        Carol Fuchs

          I’m so sad that this is happening here at 3Rivers everywhere. We have installed a camera and can only publish videos each time someone violates our privacy. We have posted ‘no trespassing’ signs at our driveway but it doesn’t seem to matter. We have bought bigger signs that let the violators know they will be prosecuted if caught. Then we have to follow through with the threat. Not all of these folks are guests. We have seen 3R stickers in the windows of some vehicles. Our place is for sale not sight seeing.


          We have also had some sort of off road vehicle driven across and around our property in our absences. There are distinct tire tracks coming onto our property from Prospect Drive. They were able to drive around our gate now that the fire has destroyed much of the vegetation. Not only was it disturbing to know that someone was on our property while we were gone, but they tore up our gravel area with their vehicle and also ran it into a piece of our outdoor furniture, causing damage that cannot be repaired. We will be looking into trail cameras for future – anyone have any recommendations on what to buy?

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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