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    Ryan Oliver

    Because some people have busy lives and can’t google “Blue Green Algae Alerts for Lake Billy Chinook” every 10 minutes. You seem to have a handle on it so instead of complaining feel free to post the link yourself as a service to our community. Or if you don’t know how you can always email such things to and we’ll put it up ASAP

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Dan & Erinn Mayer

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your reply!

    Some individuals (seems to often be the ones who have time to post their complaints, yet never do anything to correct anything) seem to think just about EVERYTHING that goes on here is the responsibility of Three Rivers – do they expect the Board of Directors, or perhaps some other volunteer group within 3R, to “fix” everything or what?!
    Good grief!!

    And again, thank you! Erinn Mayer

    Carol Fuchs

    djconner, My first feeling is that you are pretty new to 3R. Just to let you know a few facts. Almost everything done at 3R is done on a volunteer basis. The office folks are paid for ‘office work’. The Board members are hard working folks with other jobs or lives and are on the board as volunteers. There are MANY volunteers who clean our beaches, work on the roads, collect cans and bottles as a fund raiser for our beaches, maintain and built the rifle range, maintain the golf course, take care of the recycling and garbage, manage the games and activities on holiday weekends, and many more unnoticed tasks that must be done. None of these things were here 40 years ago. Without the hours of volunteer help it would not be here today. Some folks live here full time but most land owners are part timers. We are a ‘community’ that helps one another. We are ALL responsible for everything that happens here at 3R. I encourage you to get to know the office staff and Board Members. Attend a meeting, join a volunteer group, talk to your neighbors. We are so lucky and blessed to have what we have. Maybe you didn’t mean to sound so harsh but please don’t bash the hard working volunteers here at 3R.
    Thank you,
    Carol Fuchs


    As a matter of personal responsibility, it would be wise for anyone living in Oregon to monitor the waters we recreate in. You can sign up for alerts through the state at:

    Jan Lolley

    Thank You so much. WE have volunteered for a lot of years and that is sure the attitude of several people, who think the VOLUNTEERS should do everything.


    Mike Bies

    i am one of the most computer illiterate people but was still able to sign up for the email alerts from the state. you sound much smarter than me so sign up and you will know what is happening to YOUR lake.

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