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    Gary Sweet

    Yes, they are here!
    Three Rivers Calendars
    The Three Rivers Redneck Yacht Club has finely received the shipment of the 2021 3R Calendars.
    As you may recall a request for pictures was sent out last December for your 3R best photo shots. A total of 21 folks responded with approximately 80 great photos to choose from. Of course, only 12 could be selected. All photos were taken in or around the 3R property.
    Calendars will be on sale at the front gate office for only $13.00 with proceeds going for improvements by the 3R Volunteer fund raising committee. Or, sending a check or money order for $13.00 + $1.00 postage to:
    Gary M. Sweet
    Three Rivers Insurance
    11350 SW Pixie lane
    Culver, Or 97734

    Please help the Fund Rising Committee to continue their efforts and at the same time have some great photo snips of 3R.

    Thank You
    Gary and Marlene Sweet

    [caption id="attachment_11455" align="alignnone" width="273"] Yes Mom
    I will be carefull
    I Prormise[/caption]

    Carol Fuchs

    Thanks Gary and Marlene for doing this. Love the dog too.
    Carol Fuchs

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