Brad Furey

I would like to comment that I am very much in support of having an option for a food venue or food truck on 3RLOA land. Having the truck down there for the Eclipse was great. It reminded me of when we used to have a food option at the marina. Something that seems like it is not even wanting to be entertained at this time. ? Is this not even open for discussion? I’ll take this time to send my deepest thanks to all the board members that thought this was a good thing for this eclipse event. I hope they reach out and ask what the overall feeling is with the property owners in general. And I hope the property owners reach out to the board and tell them what they thought. I was asked and I gave this a resounding YES to we need something as an option. I do not care to a point what it is. I want it to be fair to all. I believe that the food truck that came in set a bar that we should at least try to maintain too. The food was wonderful for what they were offering.

Should an outside entity (not a property owner) be able to spend the night? This will be policies that the Board will need to layout or modify for an new option such as this. If it is an option. I believe it can be laid out in such a way that it can be an addition to the rules we have in place. And so it does not open us up to issues with the thing we want to keep at bay inside these gates. We have Rules and Reg’s and I know I am expected to follow them. As all us should. But also remember these Rules and Reg’s are our living document that is constantly being changed and added to by us as an association. I know this first hand. but we won’t talk about that. 🙂 OK My two cents here. Camping could be done back in the day on the common area. But that has been gone for a very very long time. I don’t remember the exact time it came into effect back in the mid-late 70’s but before the early 80’s.

As for a generator? Have you ever complained about the generator that is used when Bingo is going on? or any other gathering that can happen in the rec hall? I ask because please understand where you coming to this peace of heaven. We are off Grid, so a generator is not some crazy never heard of thing up here. But does it need to be kept to a certain DB level so it is not offending people that might hear it up on the rim above. Was the truck at a higher DB level than the rec hall generator? or the Marina generator for that matter?

Being in operation during bingo? Does anyone realize we were given a nice portion of the sales from the food truck during its stay up here. That was given to the association. Does anyone understand has it been asked that the volunteers might want to play Bingo too. But are trying to make sure that people are feed. What kind of profits are we making from food sales currently? Compared to not having to deal with side of it and getting a good kick back from the venue that comes in maybe. Note: I only bring it up to see if it has been looked at. Trust me I do not want to step on any toes here. This is the touchy part of this whole conversation.

I would ask let’s be smart and look at the impact this has for the association. Good or Bad. What are the options and what does the association want not just the board members? I did hear the board was mostly on board for option such as this. !!!! I hope all is looked at and we can be put together something that all are in favor for. I hope all of us can see this is a positive and an improvement to what we currently have up there as an option. Something we used to have and something that seemed to work well in the past.

The Fureyious One. or some might say the Opinionated One
Brad Furey
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