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    I was talking with the lady running the food truck and she said she is writing a proposal to give to the board. She would like to be up here on the busy weekends. But she said if there was a demand she would even be willing to be here every weekend. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I have a house full of company I get tired of cooking. I would be so happy to send them down to the food truck occasionally. Let your feelings be known so when the board does receive her proposal they will know how the community feels about it.
    Sheila Hunt


    It was only for a quick lunch while down at the lake but it sure was appreciated by my kids. A nice option on this busy 4 day weekend and one meal no one had to worry about or plan.

    3 Rivers Gate

    We visited the food truck for breakfast and found the meal portions to be a great value. Great service, better than expected food and a fair price. It was great to not have to plan a meal and to not have the usual kitchen clean-up. We would love to see more of the food truck in the future.

    Dave & Karin Ferguson


    Food truck is a great idea. Didn’t get an opportunity to try it this week but hope we get a chance in the future.

    Jim Price

    I like the idea. I visited the truck twice, and the food was very good. Much better than I would have expected from a food truck. I would welcome her being here anytime she thinks she can make it pay. She might find that difficult to do on a non-holiday weekend. She’s from Estacada, and just getting here and back is going to be a significant expense. But she should be allowed to try it if she chooses. Having her here is a real benefit to many of us.

    John H. Illias

    I’m not so sure I like the idea of having a generator running all night long down in that area., it was loud. There is to be no overnight camping down in that area, were the people running that trailer staying down there overnight? I guess this is a question for the board. Rules are rules aren’t they? What would allowing this lead to?

    If one of the board members could answer my questions I would appreciate it.

    Rhonda Wittkopp


    Would this be any different then the marina store? Don’t they stay down there and have a generator? I for one am very thankful the store is there. I’m not sure how this would be different but hopefully someone from the board could chime in and answer your questions.
    An additional thought, it would be for just a few weekends through out the season, some of us use our generators for much longer then that.


    Thank you for your comments. The board is holding a special board meeting on Friday August 25, 2017 at 8:00pm in the office annex to discuss this. Meeting is open to all landowners.


    Maybe one suggestion for the board would be for the property owner (or someone else) that originally invited her have her stay at their property overnight. I am sure there is a solution to the issue that would also not violate board rules.

    Jan Lolley

    I agree Rhonda, There is NO CAMPING on COMMON AREA. THAT RULE HAS BEEN IN EFFECT FOREVER. The food truck was ok, but they need to find a way to put it where they do not break the rules.

    Also, on Labor Day Weekend they should not be there. Bingo raises money for a good cause and that would take away from the Volunteers who work so hard to raise that money to improver our common areas!

    just my opinion
    Jan Lolley

    Carol Fuchs

    I would not like to see business taken away from the wonderful job of the bingo people but the idea for off times is very good. It seemed a clean operation and I have not seen anything negative about the food. But the people of Three Rivers have the say over who we spend our money with and who we as a group chose not to spend our money on, and we have no obligation to support those that see themselves as a monopoly on our private grounds! It is my opinion that we stand by our people first. Jerry Fuchs


    Maybe a suggestion to not take away from bingo people would be to have the food truck not operate during the hours of bingo. I am sure solutions could be reached on al, issues if we put our heads together and talk about it.

    Chris Nelson

    I like the truck.But a new pod of food trucks just opened in madras.Are they going to want a piece of the pie?


    Being a relative newbie at 3 rivers I guess I didn’t realize the complexity of it all. Will be interested in the outcome of the meeting. I appreciate hearing all the input.

    Carol Fuchs

    This has opened a can of worms as does a lot of things here at 3 R. Lots of things to think about.
    Generator noise?
    Camping on common property?
    Infringing on food sales bingo nights?
    How will this impact future folks who want to come on property to sell?
    Is this different than businesses who already sell services on property? (Webformix, Bend broadband, Real estate agents, Construction Companies, Solar Companies, etc)
    Our there any ‘rules’ that cover private enterprise here at 3R? Should there be a standard for all businesses run on property?

    Good luck to our Board. Thank you for taking on this volunteer job.
    Carol Fuchs

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