Dan & Erinn Mayer

Hi Nick,

Yes, my husband and I too, are both retired and on fixed incomes, as I would guess are most of us “full-timers” here at 3R.

May I suggest you CALL FIELDSTONE yourself, & see what’s up – I too, had a (much smaller) issue with them, a couple of years ago, & immediately picked up the phone. I BELIEVE the person I spoke with was “Julie” – She was very kind & professional, and immediately resolved my issue.

Another option you MAY have, IF your property is jointly owned (as is ours), is to form an LLC. This way, all owners equally share in taxes, association fees, maintenance of the property, and so on. There is a ton of information on the internet on how to do it; we did most of it ourselves, with a small amount of assistance from Legal Zoom. I hope this helps?! (Too funny not to share – a few of the folks who chided us & other members of our LLC, saying that we were “only forming the LLC to get out of paying the association fees” have now done the exact same thing. The “irony” of it all, huh?!)

Good luck! Erinn Mayer