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    We have Airlink, with air and ground coverage and life flight. Those are the only ones I’m aware of. Don’t know of another one. Hope this helps.

    in reply to: Free Firewood…. #7537

    We thought the wood was spoken for but its still available for anyone who might need some free firewood. Call or text if interested 503-799-2850.

    in reply to: Propane theft #7536

    ED Staubs suggested putting a combo lock on the tank if you have concerns. Of course making sure they have the combo so they can fill when needed. Thanks for the heads up Jan.

    in reply to: Free Firewood…. #7526

    I think we have someone who wants whatever we want to get rid of but I’ll let you know if that changes Jan. Thxs though! Diana

    in reply to: riffle range #7520

    Should open up when the fire level goes down. We’re watching as well. Hope that helps. Diana

    in reply to: GARBAGE #7428

    Well that sucks 🙁 The bad apples ruin it for all….

    in reply to: More trespassing #7412

    Sad that we have to do that though and I’m not sure it would stop them anyway, some just don’t care.

    in reply to: More trespassing #7410

    I don’t know who that is but we have seen too many going on neighbors and ours, until they figure out we are home. Sometimes I think people forget that not all property is there for them to explore, its not! Unless they have permission they need to stay out of and off of others properties.

    in reply to: Trespassing #7266

    Seems like a good rule of thumb would be if it’s not your property or you aren’t a visitor or delivering something stay off others property. Sorry about the gravel, Not nice.

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    They tried to charge us as well for tank pick up and I told them I could charge them for storage fee for the 4 wks It stayed on our property. They wrote it off and we are now very happy with ED Staub and Son’s

    in reply to: Memorial Wall- Winter clean up #7123

    Update- Just wanted to let everyone know that clean up is done and we saved and will keep all momentous, flowers and vases that hadn’t been picked up, safe and secure until next Spring. Again there were flowers blown about and vases tipped over so this will keep things safe for the winter. I took pictures of where flowers and momentous were so i have a way to keep track of placement. At this time I have not thrown anything away. I have all the older flowers and vases. Come next Spring a decision will have to be made about what to do with them but at this time all is in safe keeping. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and safe travels these winter months. Tom and Diana

    in reply to: If you liked the food truck make your feelings known here #7076

    Being a relative newbie at 3 rivers I guess I didn’t realize the complexity of it all. Will be interested in the outcome of the meeting. I appreciate hearing all the input.

    in reply to: If you liked the food truck make your feelings known here #7068

    Would this be any different then the marina store? Don’t they stay down there and have a generator? I for one am very thankful the store is there. I’m not sure how this would be different but hopefully someone from the board could chime in and answer your questions.
    An additional thought, it would be for just a few weekends through out the season, some of us use our generators for much longer then that.

    in reply to: If you liked the food truck make your feelings known here #7062

    It was only for a quick lunch while down at the lake but it sure was appreciated by my kids. A nice option on this busy 4 day weekend and one meal no one had to worry about or plan.

    in reply to: Memorial Wall #6925

    Contact the office to order and for price info. once the plaque arrives my husband and I will put it on the wall ASAP, weather permitting. Let me know if you need our contact information or you can also get that when you call the office. Thanks Diana

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