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    Q: What does Proudly Firewise mean?

    A: It means:
    Thank you for asking how to reduce the risk of the spread of wildfire on your property and thank you for
    wanting to display this “Proudly Firewise” sign on your property to help promote the Three Rivers
    Firewise community program.

    Please understand that although you may have taken action to reduce the threat of wildfire to your
    property, this does not guarantee that all damage will be prevented or that firefighters will be able to
    defend your home. Wildfires are dangerous situations. No two are alike. Firefighting and property
    defense depends on a variety of factors including the intensity and rate of spread of a fire and the
    availability of firefighting resources at the time of the emergency.

    Also, remember that periodic work is required on your part to maintain your property. The Three Rivers
    Firewise program is here to support your efforts with information and assistance as needed as outlined
    on the national Firewise website at

    Thank you for your efforts. Please feel free to contact us at

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