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    Sheila Oliver

    We are at least 6 months past due to have a Three Rivers Volunteer Fundraising Committee meeting.
    Please come down and have a burger on us. If you can, bring a side dish and your favorite beverage. Get a tour of the new Event Center and more.

    Friday July 10th 2020 at 5:00 PM.

    1. EZ Dock Repair report Steve Doan/Jake Clay
    2. EZ Docks signage update Jake Clay/Steve Doan
    3. Beach gazebo budget/project Connie Heintz
    4. Event Center completion report
    a. Reservations Karen McBride
    b. Usage Fees Karen McBride
    c. What else needs to be done Open Forum
    d. Interior design ideas Open Forum
    5. Sand on beach Jeff Thompson
    6. Rec Hall /Bingo Supplies Arlene Mizer
    7. Rec Hall Flat Top griddle frame Dewy Backastow
    8. Can & Bottles Collection boxes Gary Sweet
    9. Beach bitter brush clean up Dennis Pantovich
    10. Labor Day donation collections Jeff Thompson/Cathy Clay
    11. Open Forum Gary Sweet/Connie Heintz

    Hope to see you there!
    Gary Sweet

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