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    Jerry Baker

    Witnessed a pretty disgusting display at the launch this afternoon about 5pm and am not sure how to follow-up with. Minutes after trailering our boat a late model Dodge Ram pickup barreled down the hill toward the ramp. Three adolescent males in their late teens, early twenties, rolled out and two of them proceeded to urinate right at the launch. Fully visible from the swimming area with several kids there and families coming from the beach parking area. They chose not to launch after relieving themselves and pulled back up the hill to the store parking area where another got out and relieved himself facing the pickup right at the store parking area. There was no 3R sticker or guest pass displayed on the truck. The truck plates were OREGON 299 FCC. I have posted pictures of the truck and boat. If anyone knows the landowner responsible for these “guests”, please encourage them to discuss how wrong this is in our community.

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