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    Sara & Wes Christy

    At 10pm a full size pickup with a cab pulled in my driway,(on airstrip ln down by the airstrip)
    as soon as they noticed that i turned my lights on they turned around in my driveway. We watched then turn right off my driveway on to airstrip, and then take a left on to airfield lane.
    Thought this was strange with how late it is, and we werent expecting anyone. We got dressed as soon as we noticed the truck pulling in thinking maybe we were being evacuated.
    Beware!! Going to keep our light on tonight.

    Dan & Erinn Mayer

    Mr. or Ms. Christy –

    This is probably nothing more than someone being lost, and/or simply needing somewhere to turn around (YES, choosing to do so in our private driveways is frustrating).

    —> However, IF you are truly concerned, you should CALL THE POLICE & report the incident; it’s not the
    responsibility of anyone at Three Rivers to chase down trespassers.

    I believe the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number is still (541) 475-2201.

    You may also wish to purchase a “NO TRESPASSING” sign, if you don’t have one. We got a large “road-size” yellow sign that reads, “PRIVATE PROPERTY – NO TURNAROUND” a couple of years ago (I think it was all of $30-35) & the “traffic issue” on our property has lessened dramatically since then! (We also now have a large “DEAD END” sign as you turn onto our street, which I’m sure helps as well.)

    One other thing — We also recently got a “wireless doorbell” device (can’t think of what they’re actually called right now), but my husband placed the waterproof sensor way out, where you first enter our property. Once the sensor is triggered, a nice “chimey” sort of doorbell actually rings inside our home. It was $50; again, worth every penny as we now receive plenty of warning that someone is driving up!

    I hope at least some of this might help. All the best, Erinn Mayer

    Sara & Wes Christy

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will look in to getting some signs. This morning one of our full propain tanks was missing from where it was lastnight alomg with 1 full 30 weight galon of motor motor.Just thought that i would mention this.

    Dan & Erinn Mayer

    That is TERRIBLE — so sorry to hear of this; it appears as though the JACK ASSES certainly had more on their minds than merely turning around, huh?!

    I only hope that you will report this to the police!! At least you can give them a reasonably good description of the vehicle, right?!

    Unfortunately Three Rivers no longer seems to be the safe, and crime free community that we’ve all grown so accustomed to and have felt so comfortable with all these years; it’s time to get serious, be on the lookout for, and take action against (report them!) these losers!!

    Just this past winter, my BFF had close to a full tank of gas syphoned from her SUV, which was parked in their shop here at 3R. What I found really frightening, is what if she had gone out there by herself, and caught them in the act?! She could have been beaten, shot, all kinds of horrific things – for nothing more than a few gallons of gas; just thought I’d mention that.

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