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    Hello everyone,

    The new gate has been installed and one would think that the speed bumps will be removed, right? Well, Randy Panek thinks they should stay and more speed bumps added to the out gate also. He is going to propose this idiotic idea to the board and push this idea on them. If you disagree and want the speed bumps removed please contact the board members and let them know. Seems to me that this should be a vote of the members since it affects us all.

    Thank you

    Dona McIntyre


    Dave and Dona, Sherri and I totally agree with you on this issue. The speed bumps are not needed and should be removed asap. if the Board feels there may be some need for them, then the issue should be put to the general membership for approval or disapproval. These speed bumps can potentially cause damage and disarray to vehicles and are a serious detriment to emergency and first responders in providing services to the gated community of 3R.


    You are correct on that point plus the jarring causes pain for people with health issues including myself. I do not think the possible issues have been thoroughly thought out by Randy who is the one who is initiating this idea…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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