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    Anyone that has used the outhouses at the beach knows the disgusting condition they are in.
    I don’t know who is in charge of the maintenance but it did not look like they had been cleaned for a while when I was there this past weekend.
    It would be nice if some money could be allocated to rebuild all of the outhouses with windows for light and ventilation.
    And nice toilet risers and even motion activated solar lights for lighting at night.
    This could be funded with the bottle and can monies or LOA common area fund.
    Or the board could ask for people to sponsor an outhouse with money or labor, like they did for the golf course greens.
    Or perhaps a contest to see who could build the nicest outhouse.
    But for right now I would like to suggest that the LOA put a couple of chemical toilets by the pump station for easier access for the old or disabled that have a hard time climbing the hill.
    The one closest to the swim area is absolutely disgusting and a health hazard. It is almost full to the top and in need of pumping. If we are paying someone to do maintenance for the outhouses they are absolutely not doing their job. My suggestion would be to pump them all out and demolish them and replace them with chemical toilet’s that could be maintained on a weekly basis and would be a much better alternative these outdated outhouses.
    I do not understand why the LOA has not spent the money to build new ones. The beach is the most used area in 3 Rivers in the summer months and we as an LOA should be ashamed of the unacceptable condition they are in.
    If anyone else thinks this should be a priority please contact the board.
    Thank you
    Dona McIntyre

    Robin Randol

    I agree this would be so nice. Thanks for bringing this up to the board!

    Rich Courtney

    I agree with the current condition of the out houses. They should be pumped out and demolished. Suggest 2 permanent ones like at the gun range; one placed by the pump station / swim area and one at covered rec center. Then porta pots added for the peak summer months.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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