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      Another project by the Big Canyon Gun Club to upgrade and improve the Three Rivers Range. Thanks go out to Mike Deswert and Don Bliss who generously donated materials and to Rich Brandvold and Dave Heintz who donated equipment and labor.

      The list of members who volunteered to build these great covers include Mike Deswert, Rich Brandvold, Joe Parrott, Art Dorsey, Ryan Oliver, Dave Hodkins, Roger Points, Jeff Fields, Charlie Laufman, Larry Brown, Don Stuteit, Dave Heintz, Jeff McBride and special thanks to Elaine Parrott for feeding the hungry crew.

      Please come out Easter weekend and support the club. The proceeds from the shoots benefit all Three Rivers Landowners. The club membership and volunteers have used the proceeds to put in a permanent outhouse (two seater), covers over rifle stands, and purchased and installed a new trap machine. Come join us for the next shoot. The profits off the shoots go directly into improvements to the range. Better yet sign up and become a member.

      * In the future we hope to erect covers at the pistol range as well as purchase and install a second trap machine and build an archery area.

      Travis schmidt

        Nice work! Looks really nice.

        Thanks to all who worked on it.

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