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    Chris Nelson

    Nobody should be riding on my property at anytime,but right after fire is just STUPID.Does anyone know who is in this photo?


    I don’t know who that is but we have seen too many going on neighbors and ours, until they figure out we are home. Sometimes I think people forget that not all property is there for them to explore, its not! Unless they have permission they need to stay out of and off of others properties.

    Dan & Erinn Mayer

    Perhaps you could get a sign, like they have in nice department/jewelry stores –



    Sad that we have to do that though and I’m not sure it would stop them anyway, some just don’t care.

    Carol Fuchs

    I don’t know who this is but once we started publishing pictures and videos it has slowed down. Our place is on the market so I guess people feel its OK. Maybe make a copy and post at the office. That is what we are going to do the next time.

    I also have thought of putting up sign that says ‘smile you are on camera’. Also bought two signs that are 24″X 18″ that say ‘no trespassing’. That way we can press charges if we can catch them. We will follow through too as this has gotten out of hand and has got to stop!! Especially with the new “road’ that DeMonte has built which goes right to our property line. If you put our address into GPS it gives the road as a way into 3R. It is listed as fly creek drive. Big problem!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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