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    Sheila Oliver

    March 25th, 2020

    COVID-19 and Three River Landowners Association, Inc.

    Much has changed since my last message. Confirmed cases of the coronavirus continues to grow in our state, country and world. The catch words are, “STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES.” The virus has changed the face of the world and altered each of our lives. For those that have considered TR’s to be a “safe haven” please reconsider. Whether you reside or vacation on your property keep in mind the risks, restrictions, and federal/state directives are the same. The Board of Directors has taken the following actions.

    • All events, meetings (other than by webinar) have been postponed or cancelled until further notice.
    • Social gatherings, inside or outside, are discouraged to reduce exposure and comply with the law.
    • A safety protocol has been implemented at the TR’s Office. Please abide by it.

    In addition, the Board asks that you limit the amount of online ordering delivered to the front office to essential items only. Please no furniture, fixtures, equipment or any other non-essential items whatsoever.

    COVID-19 and the EH Sparks Trial Decision

    In early March Judge Hillman sent a letter to counsel stating that a decision would be provided by March 23rd. That date has come and gone. Because of COVID-19 Oregon’s Chief Justice Walters this month issued a two-week home rotation directive to Circuit Court Judges including Jefferson and Crook counties. The rotation leaves one judge in Crook and one in Jefferson County. That left Judge Hillman handling Jefferson county. Judge McClain was the first judge to stay at home for two weeks. Depending on the next judge to go on rotation, if Hillman, we should have a decision in two weeks. If not, then decision in a month. A new letter to Judge Hillman during this crisis would not be well received. An update will be provided when available.

    All updates will be provided to the TR’s Office and on the TR’s website.


    Randy Panek, President
    Cc: TR’s Board of Directors

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