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    Sheila Oliver

    In July of 2018 we put up a post to hold a sign for our property. It was painted by a family member and it made us feel at home in the 3 Rivers. Since then 10 other families have added their sign. This is exactly what we wanted to happen. Unfortunately the sign post has been run over at least 4 times. We have gladly replaced the solar light on top. Others have repaired the base. Thank you! We moved it to a different spot to help when bottles are being picked up. We even attached it to the already existing sign post with the hope it would be safe. It was not. Today when we drove by there were 2 cars parked between the bottle drop and the storage shed. When we drove past again 20 minutes later the sign base had been run over again and a piece broken off. We assumed it was OK to have the post there. It’s been 3 years. We are very discouraged that others can’t seem to avoid driving over it. We don’t mind replacing the solar light but it would be heart breaking if some of the families’ signs were damaged. We are currently working on a new and improved base. Until then please be cautious when you drive by the bottle drop box. Thank you. Blind Man’s Bluff

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