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    Randy Panek

    Roads Report

    Mission Statement: Provide and maintain safe access at a reasonable cost while protecting the natural environment.
    This year we had a lot of potholes to repair from the severe weather this past winter. We also graveled the lower portion of Upper Canyon from Lakeview to Rifle Range Lane and Rifle Range Lane down to the intersection at the bottom.
    The Roads Committee has been working on a Capital Improvement Plan for some time now to hopefully start in 2020. This first part will be a 5 Year Road Assessment if approved. It’s been 10 years since any major road work has been done. You will see a ballot in early September from Vote HOA Now which property owners will be able to vote online. By passing this Road Assessment it allows the Roadmaster to keep our roads in better condition and preserve them for years to come. Most of us can remember the days of gravel and constant dust so an investment in our roads is a good thing. This also allows us to do major work instead of just patching areas.
    Currently the annual budget doesn’t allow us to complete some roads that haven’t been paved from the 2 original paving projects assessments (2006 & 2009) and to do any major improvements that are going to be necessary in the coming future to preserve are roads.
    Priority list is crack sealing all roads and improving shoulders prior to paving and chip sealing. The crack seal will keep the moisture from getting underneath roads and help with the “Alligatoring” (pattern cracking in the asphalt resembling the scales of an alligator) that causes potholes and also the shoulders from breaking off during the spring months. Then complete paving at the lower part of Upper Canyon (from Lakeview to just past the Pit Area, 3 Cul-d-sacs and Vista Lane.
    Road Assessment – Funds necessary to support our Short Term Plan is 250.00 a year Road Assessment for the next 5 years which would cover the following but subject to change;
    1st Year 2020 – Crack seal all roads and improve shoulders with grading. Repair potholes and “Alligatoring” of areas in preparation for chip sealing, widen the intersection at Meadows and pave lower portion of Upper Canyon that we graveled this year.
    2nd Year 2021 – Chip Seal Lakeview (from gate to Big Canyon), Big Canyon to the west and Upper Canyon complete. Gravel the upper portion of lower Upper Canyon.
    3rd Year 2022 – Improve 3 Cul-de-sacs (Sagebrush, Quail & Brandy), Rifle Range and Golf Course approaches. Complete paving on the upper section of the lower portion of Upper Canyon. Chip Seal or Seal coat Wildcat to the east, This Way Lane. General Road Maintenance of shoulders and crack seal.
    4th Year 2023 – Paved unpaved roads (Vista and other misc Cul-de-sacs), Chip Seal on Lakeview, Chip seal or Seal coat Yucca and Pixie Ln.
    5th Year 2024 – Chip Seal Airfield, Wildcat to the west. Microcoat seal Prospect Lane and Cascade View. General Road Maintenance of shoulders and crack seal.
    Ballots will be mailed by September 1, 2019 and vote is due back by September 30 and if approved assessment would be due by February 28, 2020.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Chairperson 503-209-8700 or

    Pit Area
    We plan on being able to obtain a burning permit next year, so stumps our allowed now to dump with brush.
    Still no building material, garbage is NOT ALLOWED in the pit area. The Rules & Regs Committee are prepared to issue a fine of 400.00 for violators on each offense as there will be no warnings.

    Kevin B Fitzpatrick
    Road Committee Chair

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