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    Sheila Oliver

      We Need You Back

      Big Canyon Gun Club has experienced great progress since inception in July, 2012.

      Over the years we have been able to accomplish covering rifle range benches, established trap range, develop the 5 stand shooting clays, built a terrific outhouse, building the warming shack, placed secure storage containers for equipment, placed picnic tables, built and maintain target stands, built fences for safety, developed range rules, posted needed signs, improved the fire break and established the RSO Range Safety Officer program to name a few.

      These range improvements have been supported by the 3 rivers LOA budget. This allotted money helped to build the range infrastructure along with volunteer labor, but all range equipment, trap throwers, target stands, and instruction has been purchased or supplied through club membership fees and shooter participation at held events. We have many projects on the wish list and need your continued support.

      Covid greatly limited the number of shoots in 2020 and thus our ability to raise the needed dollars to continue the needed maintenance and improvements.

      We ask you to renew your membership in 2021 – An application is attached if you would like to join or rejoin the BCGC for 2021.

      Yearly Memberships
      Individual- $30.00
      Family- $50.00
      Lifetime Memberships
      Individual- $300.00
      Family- $500.00 (children under 18 included)

      Click here for the Membership Application:
      Big Canyon Gun Club Membership application Rev 2016 – (1)

      Please fill it out, sign and date it. Make your check out to Big Canyon Gun Club and Mail to:
      12468 Graham Rd
      Culver OR 97734

      or drop it off at the office.

      Purchase or renew your NRA Membership through the Big Canyon Gun Club and a discount of Five
      dollars will be given on club membership dues when an NRA membership application is processed
      through the Big Canyon Gun Club recruiting program.

      If you want to join the NRA also please contact Dona McIntyre ( 541-777-0271

      Please help us continue our improvements, we can only do this with your support.

      Thank you,
      Big Canyon Gun Cub

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      Karl Atteberry

        I am curious, for the family membership, would that include my children and their spouse? My daughter was just married last year, so curious if it would include son-in-law as well?

        Thanks in advance!!

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