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    Sheila Oliver

    Date: 06/23/18 at 4:21 PM
    From: Undersheriff Marc Heckathorn
    RE: Graham Fire Update
    Major progress has been made today on the Graham Fire near the 3 Rivers Subdivision. After careful consideration and coordinating with fire officials Sheriff Adkins is ordering the following to happen at 6PM today (Saturday):

    The 3 Rivers Subdivision is reducing its evacuation notice for all residents from level 3 (Go) to level 2 (Be Ready). Sheriff Adkins has ordered all road closures removed and normal access restored to residents.

    The Sheriff asks those not needing to be in the area to please stay clear as there is still firefighting efforts occurring in the area and will be for at least the next few days. A level 2 (Be Set) order means things could change and people who choose to return home can do so but should be prepared to leave if conditions change.

    With the road closures eliminated access to both Perry South and Monte Campgrounds will again be open to the public.

    Tomorrow, after shift briefing, we will decide on whether further actions are necessary.

    Also tomorrow (Sunday) at the Chinook Store at 6PM Fire Commanders from the Oregon Department of Forestry will host a community meeting regarding the fire. Please come and get answers to any questions you may have at this meeting.

    No other areas are under any evacuation order at this time.

    Submitted by

    Marc Heckathorn – Undersheriff

    Approved Oregon Evacuation Levels

    LEVEL 1: A Level 1 Evacuation means “BE READY” for potential evacuation. Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area, monitor emergency services websites and local media outlets for information. This is the time for preparation and precautionary movement of persons with special needs, mobile property and (under certain circumstances) pets and livestock. If conditions worsen, emergency services personnel may contact you via an emergency notification system.

    LEVEL 2: A Level 2 Evacuation means “BE SET” to evacuate. YOU MUST PREPARE TO LEAVE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE This level indicates there is significant danger to your area, and residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area, or if choosing to remain, to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Residents MAY have time to gather necessary items, but doing so is at their own risk. THIS MAY BE THE ONLY NOTICE THAT YOU RECEIVE Emergency services cannot guarantee that they will be able to notify you if conditions rapidly deteriorate. Area media services will be asked to broadcast periodic updates.

    LEVEL 3: A Level 3 Evacuation means “GO” Evacuate NOW LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Danger to your area is current or imminent, and you should evacuate immediately. If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand that emergency services may not be available to assist you further. DO NOT delay leaving to gather any belongings or make efforts to protect your home. THIS WILL BE THE LAST NOTICE THAT YOU RECEIVE Entry to evacuated areas may be denied until conditions are safe. Area radio and TV stations have been asked to broadcast periodic updates.

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