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    Ryan Oliver

    Unless you don’t own a smart phone or computer, there’s no longer a reason or excuse to bother the front office for guest passes. If you aren’t already setup with the new gate system, contact the front office for your login credentials. Then get into the 3 Rivers website and go to Gate Access/ Visitor Pass. The instructions on how to use everything is there. It’s very simple and convenient and you don’t have to wait for the office staff to get in to get your passes. Doing your part to set up your own passes will free them up for more important things.

    Carol Fuchs

    Hi Ryan, I have a question as to how to use the list of guests already in our file. How do you make out a new pass and just utilize the info on list page. If you switch back and forth to see the info it takes you to a new pass and you have lost info that you have already put in. It would be nice if as you put a name in the rest is filled automatically. As it is now you have to write down their info from list page and then put it in the form page.
    Thanks Carol Fuchs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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