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    Megan Meagher

    I saw this on a marine board update today.

    ………. the Board approved a slow-no wake zone within the Fly Creek Inlet on Lake Billy Chinook. The Board also corrected language for the Foam Encapsulation rule that was mistakenly stricken during the March meeting and will allow for some types of non-treated wood.

    the link to the rule sheet is
    which states:

    (b) A person must not operate a motorboat in excess of a “slow—no wake” speed within:
    (H) 200 feet of docks within Fly Creek Inlet;
    (I) 200 feet of docks on the southern shore of the Metolius River Arm of Lake Billy Chinook from a point 500 feet upstream of Fly Creek Inlet to a point 1200 feet downstream of Fly Creek Inlet, as marked.

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