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    Sheila Oliver

    Please join us and invite your friends and neighbors at Three Rivers to get involved in this year’s Firewise project which is an extension of last year’s gun range wildfire mitigation and defensible space work. We will be be doing wildfire mitigation on SW Rifle Range Ln and lower SW Upper Canyon Rim Dr to provide an adequate fuels break by:

    – Limbing up > 8″ diameter Juniper to 8-10′, 50 feet down slope and 30 feet up slope from the roads.
    – Removing smaller Juniper< 8" diameter to achieve no more than 9 trees per acres canopy. - Removing shrubs, bitter brush, ladder fuels 15-20' down slope from trees and roads. This work will make it safer to fight a fire if we have one or evacuate in case of a fire in this area. We need chainsaws and people to haul tree limbs and other debris. We will reimburse for chainsaw fuel and chain replacement(s) or sharpening. Please keep your receipts and turn them into the treasurer with a reimbursement request form that will be provided on November 9. We have two skid steers and operators but we need more dump trailers than last year to take the debris to the pit for burning in the future. Food for lunch and water will be provided. We will have some gloves for volunteers. Dress for the terrain with good boots and strong clothing. Last year we had about 40 volunteers and we are hoping to have at least that many this year. The area we are working in will be better defined and we ought to get more accomplished this year. Please respond and let me know if you can make it on November 9 - I want to get a list going of who can be there, whether you can bring a chainsaw or dump trailer or if you can be hauler and stacker. Meet at the gun range parking area at 9:00 a.m. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you - Penny Lippold (503) 702-8619

    Ryan Oliver

    Please see below.

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