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    Gary Sweet

    Hello all of us that are lucky enough own property in Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue fire district

    In case you have not heard, the District has been reclassified to what the insurance companies call a Protection Class 8 (eight). If you are insured with Three Rivers Insurance Group, your Insurance company has already been notified or is in the process of.

    If you are not with Three Rivers Insurance Group, then you should call your Home Owners carrier or agent and request that your property be re-rated to a PC 8. Your premium should go down between 5% to 15%.

    If your agent has any questions, you may have them give me a call and will advise them on the change.

    Gary M. Sweet


    Thank you Gary and a big shout out to the Fire Department and all they have done the landowners.

    Patrick & Bette Cox


    We have State Farm Ins. They will NOT adjust the insurance rate. They claim that policy’s aren’t rated buy Fire Dept any longer.

    Looking to change Ins. Co.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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