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    This last Saturday morning (Aug 22nd) we had just setup on a spot on 3 Rivers day use area when we were approached and asked to leave because they were having a wedding with 50 to 75 people and they wanted to use the entire beach area, they went on to say that they had talked with 3 rivers and it was ok’d- We were set and I didn’t want to take down everything and move, thinking that this area really couldn’t be reserved, but as our conversation continued the person that we were talking with was becoming increasing upset and rude –stating that “we should be respectful and stay out of their way” Knowing that this situation would not be good for my family to enjoy the day – We moved to another location and re-setup. A short time later Randy Panek stopped by to discuss the situation- (because of another 3 Rivers Landowner complained- Randy ask what happened and confirmed that 3 Rivers did know about the groups plans, and went on say that the group needed to SELF MONITOR. This along with Wedding party parking a house boat on the edge of the day use area and tying two boats side by side making a portion of the day use beach Un-useable.. I really can’t blame the Rude inconsiderate group that thought it was ok to take up the entire beach area on a Saturday in the middle of summer… no, I really think the fault is on the board of 3 river that allowed this to happen!
    My next problem from this weekend was your Friendly Reminder on my unattached trailer. When the signs were posted In the day use area (no trailer parking -5 years ago or so) we started to leave the trailer parked in the trailer parking by the boat ramp if space is available or in the upper overflow parking lot- This hasn’t been an issue until now!
    If it’s the additional parking, well maybe we should consider not allowing a wedding with 75 people -and no not all of them parked up above in the rec. area
    What bothers me the most is the threat –final notice – this trailer will be towed! Pictures taken! I do not appreciate your threats- when we have always attempted to follow 3 rivers rules
    I’m still waiting to be contacted to discuss this matter


    I’d be disappointed too. I think I would have stayed out once the person asking me to leave got irritated. They could have used the large building up above the lake. First come first served. Isn’t there a State ordered restriction on just how many people can gather?? And help me to understand the trailer thing? There are times when after launching our boat I don’t want to have to pull the trailer back with me to the house to get something and disconnect it. Is this something we are not allowed to do or were you leaving it overnight??


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    Stayed put


    I am sorry this happened to you on the beach, and yes you are correct it is a first come first serve beach area and no reserving spaces. It has been that way for over 30 years that I have had property here, If there was a wedding party that is fine but NO they do not get free run of the beach. I hope the Board addresses this with the people involved the rules are meant for everyone. In regard to your trailer it has been A rule for many years that no trailers are to be left over night.

    Carol Fuchs

    I would like to know who gave permission for this intrusion into Three Rivers. We have all heard of using the party barn but no one has every had the gall to say they have the whole beach. I want a full explanation from our board. I can only say these folks showed a great deal more grace than I would. JERRY FUCHS

    Gary Rose

    Who was it that gave the ok for this?. I would think who ever it was needs to come clean and explain why on earth on a weekend in August that would be a wise thing to do!. If it is someone affiliated with a board member all the more reason to give a explanation……Lead by example!

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