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    Randy Panek

    On October 4th, Judge Hillman provided a written opinion to Closing Argument Rebuttals with the following action;

    “In the interest of granting all parties the full opportunity to make their arguments to the court, the court will Deny the Motion to Strike and Grant DeMonte’s Motion in the Alternative to fill a Reply to Plaintiff’s Closing Rebuttal Argument. Defendant Jefferson County will also be offered the same opportunity for Reply Argument if they so desire.” Judge Hillman went on to state, “No further briefing or argument will be granted unless specifically requested by the court.”

    Arguments need to be filed within 7 days of the Courts Order. Plaintiff has burden of the proof and therefore, will be granted 7 days thereafter for Supplemental Rebuttal Closing. The letter is attached. Updates will be posted when available.

    Submitted by
    Randy Panek, President

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