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      Reported November 15th, 2020

      Association counsel continues to work with the appellate court on finalizing the court transcripts as well as resolving the appellate settlement conference program matter.

      Tim Elliott, county counsel emailed Michael Peterkin in Late October to see if the Association has an interest in purchasing defendant’s property with an appraisal to determine price. Counsel responded stating either the Association or member(s) are willing to buy DeMonte’s subdivision for what it is, not what it could be worth based on an appraisal and fair market value. This month the Association has learned that a private party has submitted an offer to the DeMonte Family Trust to purchase. The Appellate Settlement Conference Program has entered the process with a mediation representative. The purchase offer has been presented to all parties involved. We are encouraged that a sale could lead to resolving the alleged road matter, vacation petitions, and set the groundwork for completing the platting and recording of the Associations Boundaries in 2021.

      Petitions for Vacation were filed by the Fuchs, Brants, and Allen Trust on October 2nd and by the Association on October 16th, 2020. The county has received both and has accepted the petition filing fee payment from the Association. Counsels for both petitions are awaiting petition hearing notification from county.

      Further information will be provided when available. Updates and filings can be found on the Three Rivers Website at

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