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    Sheila Oliver

    To: TRLA Membership
    Subject: Big Canyon Wood Cutting.
    Date: 12/5/2019

    As 3R’s has received the first snow on the ground it is acceptable to open Big Canyon for personal wood cutting effective this date. TRLA Wood Cutting Permits will be required and available at the TR’s Office during regular business hours.

    Trees to be used for personal use are the trees that have been cut down along an area approx. 200’ wide from the center of the creek bed. Please keep the creek bed clear of debris so as not to disturb the eventual flow of the creek. Both live and burnt trees that have been cut down are available. At this time no standing trees are to be cut other than the contractor that has been hired to do so.

    When processing trees for personal firewood please;

    1. Pile limbs for future burning/disposal.
    2. In an effort that all property owners get a chance for firewood we will limit the quantity to one cord per property owner until January 15th. Quantity restriction may be removed after January 15th. Permit for cutting wood is available at the 3RLA office during office hours.

    The reason for the clear cut along the creek bed is three-fold;
    1. ODF recommends that there should be only approx. 6 Juniper trees per acre.
    2. Provide fire break at the base of Big Canyon.
    3. Protect/Restore the water shed area in Big Canyon.

    If you have any questions please contact Jeff Thompson, Vice-President TRLA at (503) 539-2763 or email at

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