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    Mindy & Brad Oliver

      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 789 7634 2997
      Passcode: sX5tBL

      Please join us for our Annual BCGC meeting this Saturday, Sept 17, 6pm at the Event Center. We’ll have a meet/greet with hamburgers starting at 5:30pm. We’ll be electing 4 board positions and discussing upcoming priorities. See agenda below:

      Reading of minutes: Sent to BCGC board
      Treasurer Report Account balances and update- Mid Oregon Credit Union- square credit card processing is working well
      Standing Committee Reports:
      • RSO- 5 people signed up class 4 completed Sept 10: 3 more have interest John
      • Membership- 2 new members and 1 renewal over past 60 days- Mindy
      • Events- Annual Raffle: Final Drawing held – Kent and Meg
      Old Business:
      • Fire Wise and BCGC participation- no update Penny working on grants
      • Shotgun spectator area shelter- Completed, In place working well, $2,000 from TRLA budget and $2,200 from BCGC McBride donations
      • Bleacher from McBride’s- no update
      • Advertising board at range (on hold, need a person to lead project)
      • Range spraying- done for 2022 John
      • August 6 McBride Memorial shoot- Good success, over $3,500 donated and funds will cover a memorial plaque, shelter cost and development of 5 stand area. John
      • RSO coverage for Extreme fire season- Each weekend day covered- 7 RSO’s have participated to date John-Dave
      • 37 boxes of clay targets purchased, we use 9 boxes of 90 on 3 day weekend shoots, Shotgun shell inventory improved to 9 cases of 10 boxes 12 and 20. Plan to purchase a pallet of clay targets and 3 more cases of shot shells as we can find them.
      • Internet signal- yellow knife installed dish and bounced event center signal to warming shed. One time cost $720 pd from TRLA funds, cost to gun club $10 a month for router. System in place and working well. John
      • Blink Securing cameras now in place cost 125.00, 10.00 monthly fees to record.
      New Business:
      • Election of Officers: President, Vice President, 2 Directors. Current officers have interest in remaining on the board.
      • Dates for fall/winter work party- focus inside warm shed, trees over growing range entry rd pistol cover and clean up December 10 proposed John
      • Date for Volunteer appreciation day
      • Ladies pistol class will be planned for October- John
      • October meeting we will establish budget for BCGC and Expected TRLA funds for 2023. Please prepare and send me your thoughts

      Additional Open Discussion:

      Meeting adjourned

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