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    Randy Panek

      Date: August 2, 2017 at 12:17:59 AM PDT
      Subject: Fire precautions during the eclipse

      Fire instruction restrictions will include no campfires no warming fires no propane camp fires no Open Flame no tiki torches no sky lanterns. The only allowed Open Flame is a propane camp stove / bbq or white gas camp stove.

      Smoking should only be allowed in vehicles in the water or in a home. Smoking outdoor in public lands in a common area is prohibited you should have metal containers or water buckets for cigarette butts and a designated smoking areas on your property.

      If you are having people come to your property they should have a 2 and 1/2 lb fire extinguisher. Each camp trailer or camp area on your property should be equipped with a minimum of one fire extinguisher. If you have water on your property a charge line should be run to areas of activities.

      Be sure your area is clear of any dried cured grasses in any parking areas vehicle should not park over dried cured grasses.

      Place your barbecue and outdoor grills in a safe area be sure there is no combustibles dead grasses or needle cast under the area at you place your BBQ Grill on. A fire extinguisher should be in your cooking area.

      If you or your guests plan on using a generator be sure the generator is placed in an area at least 10 ft in diameter cleared of any combustibles to Mineral soil. Be sure the generator has a spark arrestor and a spark arrestor is clean.

      Additional fire restrictions include no off-road riding ATVs utvs cars trucks on any unimproved roads.

      No chainsaws

      No cutting or welding or blasting

      No recreational shooting inside the fire district. The three rivers rifle range and big cannon gun club will be closed during that duration.

      Be sure that your location has either a green address sign or a red 911 location marker on the entrance to your driveway. If you do not have either marker please stop by and Lake Chinook fire district office.

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