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    Gary Sweet

    3R Alert

    We are having an issue with our can boxes. Some good, some not so good.

    If you see any where on property any of the vehicles shown in picture #1 or any of the people shown in picture #2, Please give them a extra big wave and Thank YOU. Theses are some of the folks that make 3R tick under the radar.

    Picture #3 is not really usable, but someone has methodically going around and stealing our revenue via cans and bottles.

    If you see anyone that is not Tim or Linda McLain or possible a big man where a red suite driving a sleigh, please do what you can to take their picture. Given the time of day call the office and give them a heads up and the description of the vehicle to get a time stamp on the gate cameras.

    Three Rivers is a special place. We are accustomed to being able to take liberties that the folks in the cities do not enjoy in regards to having to worry about their property being tampered with in any way.

    The revenue taken for our collection boxes goes to a large and varied number of projects from the front gate maintenance to the improvements of the beach area.

    In short, these thefts cost us all on many levels.

    Thank you for your continued support with your vigilance and cooperation.

    Gary M. Sweet co-chair
    Connie Heintz Chairman
    Three Rivers fund raising committee

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