Dan & Erinn Mayer

That is TERRIBLE — so sorry to hear of this; it appears as though the JACK ASSES certainly had more on their minds than merely turning around, huh?!

I only hope that you will report this to the police!! At least you can give them a reasonably good description of the vehicle, right?!

Unfortunately Three Rivers no longer seems to be the safe, and crime free community that we’ve all grown so accustomed to and have felt so comfortable with all these years; it’s time to get serious, be on the lookout for, and take action against (report them!) these losers!!

Just this past winter, my BFF had close to a full tank of gas syphoned from her SUV, which was parked in their shop here at 3R. What I found really frightening, is what if she had gone out there by herself, and caught them in the act?! She could have been beaten, shot, all kinds of horrific things – for nothing more than a few gallons of gas; just thought I’d mention that.