Derryl Hoffman

Saturday, March 31st at around 11:45 at night we had a car come down our driveway. At first we assumed it was someones lost Guest. It would stop and then go several times. As it rounded the trees it put its headlights right in our trailer and stopped, this went on for a couple minutes. Not wanting to wake my kids I ran outside to see what was going on. When I went up to the driver he seemed really jittery. Something was definitely off. I asked him why he came down my driveway and who was he looking for. He replied ” uhhh I am looking for matt.” I said Matt who, he replied “ummm Just Matt”. After I told him there was no matt here, he said something garbled under his breath, peeled out and took off. Through this exchange I could tell he wasnt being truthful and when he gave that answer I realized he might be casing our property for items to steal. He had no 3rivers sticker in his window and no guest pass, but i did get his license plate number, 247 DWL and It was like a Honda pilot suv. He definitely seemed up to no good and now we are EXTREMELY worried about having to leave our property and come home. Just want to put this out there so that all of you can keep a eye out for that dude around your properties.