Gary Sweet

All the stars aligned at Three Rivers Sunday night Labor Day Weekend

The Heintz Family took the tiger by the tail and through what could be arguably the best fund raising Redneck dance we have ever had. With procumbent of the head liner Band (Briana Renae) on stage for three and half hours the dancing was nearly nonstop. It takes a lot of help to put on an event of this caliber off the grid. I wish to express my thanks to as many of the volunteers as I can recall on this morning after. If I missed your name, please forgive me. Still a little fuzzy this morning.
Connie Heintz, David Heintz, Jolene Heintz, Celena Hefner, Peggy Vanwinkle,
Bob Miklia, Clay Story(Bone Yard Brewery), Zack Christopherson, Jeff Carmody
Blake Walling , Jay Sweet, Matt Woodhouse, Tony McDonell, Kenny Crain, Lisa Fisher, Mike Fisher, Dan Mayer, Austin Courtney

And of course, all the sponsors which without them the dance could not have happened.

If you did not get a chance to buy a shirt with all the sponsors listed please call Connie. If you would like to make a contribution to the 50/50 split for the Three Rivers Animal shelter and the 3R Building fund, Please drop off a check or cash to the front office.

Thanks to all
Gary and Marlene Sweet