In regard to the “Landowner Input” request, I would like to comment on an experience we had about two years ago. When we decided to have our nephew, a LICENSED BUILDER, build a roof over our pontoon boat that was parked alongside our garage/storage shed He had drawn up very substantial plans on his computer and he began by digging holes for posts to be set in concrete. He had a couple posts already in and the next time he came to our property to continue working, there was a posted notice from the county requiring a Building Permit, etc. and to stop all further building. We were informed by the 3R Architectural Committee we were required to have a licensed “ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEER” draw up plans and then submit them to the county in order to be approved and receive a Building Permit for the ROOF over our boat!
The end result was at an ADDITIONAL nearly $1,000 extra in costs to us for this roof! In my opinion, the additional costs were due to being micromanaged to the point of absurdity with completely unnecessary stipulations for an “ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEER” (several hundred dollars) to draw up plans for this specific structure.
Having been a 3R landowner for 42 years, I have seen many, many structures built that I feel certain were not required to have an Architectural Engineer retained to produce acceptable plans! NEEDLESS-TO-SAY, I am STILL SIZZLING!!! Things appear to have gotten way “out-of-hand” …just my personal opinion.