Joe Parrott

As the current chair of the Architectural Committee I’d like to share my thoughts on this topic. For the past 9 months the AC has been conducting a full review of our current development rules. All are found in the Declaration of Covenents, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). What we found is that the development rules are very unclear, inconsistent, and limited. We actually have very little that we review that is not already reviewed by Jefferson County Planning and Building.

We have also been actively seeking landowner input on what the development rules should be. There has been a discussion forum on this website for the past three months that got very little activity.

The AC is just as concerned as many of you are about the current rules. However, before we propose changes we really need to know what you as landowners want. I suspect the answer lies somewhere between our current limited,unclear and inconsistent rules and Sunriver’s 51 page development rules book that requires approval to hang a bird feeder in a tree (yep, it’s really in their rules).

Please attend the Annual Meeting in March. The AC will present information about the state of our current rules and the work we’ve been doing to try to improve the situation. We will also be conducting a detailed landowner survey to determine what YOU, as landowners, want. Until we fully understand your wishes we can’t move forward to make the situation better. Finally, there will be NO changes to current rules unless landowners approve changes by a vote sometime in the future. In this case it will require 75% approval to change anything.

So please help with this effort by letting us know what you do want, participate in the landowners survey at the Annual Meeting, and be patient beccause making the good changes will take time.