Greg Kanne

We were with Northern Energy, Amerigas, for at least 20 years. Every year would have to discuss items to me that looked excessive. The folks who come out to do the service are great. The office staff, not so much. We have been on keep full program for years. This summer we ran out and they said they would be out first thing in the morning. Didn’t show that day or the next. It had been cloudy and not much solar during those days so I ended up going to the State Park so I could be sure to have electricity for my cpap. That was enough, I fired them and got Farrell gas. Last week they finally picked up their tank and a few days later got a “final bill”. Since we had been on balanced pay at the time of the incident we had about $900 to the good. There was no mention of that in the final bill. They charged $149 for pump out and restocking while the whole thing started by them letting the tank go dry… and on and on. Really tired of playing their games. I think I will just write it up and send it DOJ. Sorry for the long ramble.