Greg Kanne

My grip is not fees in general it’s going from $0 to $1000 in one fell swoop on ambulance services. Why is it all of a sudden necessary to have such a gigantic jump. I can see recovering costs but what, in fact, are these funds planned for? Burn barrels and screens cost money and if you get one you should pay for it.

Why propose this in the middle of winter when few of the residents are here to provide input. I for one am a permanent resident but have prior plans and will be in Salem on the 28th.

Where is the information on what costs are incurred providing the services listed on the fee chart. Were the numbers just pulled out of the air? When and where was public notice given regarding these fees and the public meeting to discuss them. This may be all legit but it just doesn’t smell right.

It seems that a lot of public entities develop an insatiable appetite for “more funding”….. I hope that’s not the case here.