There is no double standard and there is a lot of misinformation regarding those who were given so called lifetime burn permits. When the district originally started giving out burn permits they were ALL “Lifetime” permits. All of us that that received them were given the same, free so called lifetime permit. These were not given to the chosen few, the elite or anything else, everyone got the same permit. So back in the day if you got a burn permit it was the same as everyone’s. FYI Those permits were rescinded by the fire district and the yearly permits are now required.

The district is attempting to set fee schedules as they are required by law to do. There was a good discussion at the meeting last night and it was explained in detail what the fees were going to cover. There were several good comments made and a lot of questions asked and answered.

My take from last night was the burn permit fee and bonfire fee were the most contested issues. The ambulance fees were more palatable after they were explained and were in line with Jefferson County EMS. Now that LCFR fire district is certified as a “transport” district they can transport patients to the hospitals etc without having to wait for Jefferson County EMS to drive here from Madras then transport you the hospital. I for one think it is great they can transport. I know if I’m ever on the gurney I don’t want to have to wait while Jeff Co EMS takes the 30 to 40 min. drive to 3R from Madras to be headed towards St. Charles.

They will be putting out the meeting minutes, comments etc. soon so I would suggest anyone who wasn’t there contact the district and give them your e-mail so you know what was discussed and the explanations for the various proposed fees and have the information needed to make an informed opinion.