Dan & Erinn Mayer

Hi Greg, this is Erinn, your back (actually front) neighbor. I too, was literally freaking out (for lack of what I’d really like to say here), over these “proposed” fees.

Dan just attended the mtg (I am home sick). He informs me that in any/all other counties, apparently one would pay these exact same fees, for the same services; at least that is what he learned from tonight’s mtg. Hope this helps a bit?! Regards, Erinn

PS – I have heard from more than a couple of folks now, that apparently many people have these “lifetime burn permits” – We (Dan and I) were never informed of this when we got our first (as well as subsequent) yearly burn permits (and we moved here full-time, back in 2012)! Also, we have a friend (who will remain nameless), lives here full-time as well; he informs us that he has a “lifetime permit” and has never paid a dime! Hummm…