Dan & Erinn Mayer

There are also rattlesnakes, scorpions, coyotes, black widow spiders, packrats, and so on; all kinds of creepy crawlies & things that go bump in the night, here at Three Rivers – just a few of the issues we may encounter, for the opportunity to live in (or visit) the little paradise we have here!

I believe the point in the notifications we’ve received, is to just be more “aware,” be “cautious,” and most importantly, be “SMART.” We should all read the information provided us, don’t go for walks after dark, etc.

We can choose to “live in glass bubbles” (never leave the house/cabin/trailer/whatever), but that would diminish most of the reasons for being here in the first place, right?! If you are truly concerned, you may wish to carry a small firearm when you walk, as well…

Erinn Mayer