Nick Gross

Sounds to me like the3R’s board (Randy Panik) and the 3 Rivers Fire District ( Don Cofels) are having some kind of pissing match. Facebook probably isn’t the best venue to air our dirty laundry. First, I didn’t know you could have campfire and a public gathering in the pit. Have to remember that when I plan my next party. Second The 3 Rivers Fire District is just that, a Jefferson county entity. It’s not the 3 Rivers Landowners Fire Department. It’s funded by everybody that lives in it’s service area through property taxes. Where I live I have an agricultural burning permit. I still have to call the fire department to find out if I can burn that day and what the restrictions are. Sometimes I don’t agree with them, but I’m not a fireman so I think they know more about it than me. That’s what we pay them for is to keep us safe from guys like me that want to burn on my schedule not theirs. As an aside I feel like the current leadership of 3R’s is kind of leaning to the authoritarian side of leadership. I hope I’m wrong, if not it might be time for a change. (also posted this on Facebook)